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The language learning and teaching context in the Asian region is as varied and complex as the countries encompassed in this part of the world. Each context is defined by the history and culture of each specific country and the region as a whole and the language policies and languages involved, including a myriad of local, indigenous, colonial, and “global” languages. In response to the ever-changing and challenging linguistic landscape in this area, in 2010, IDP Education established the fully peer-reviewed online journalLanguage Education in Asia as a forum to highlight and exchange research and insights into language education in this dynamic region.

The scope of the online journal is intended to mirror the diversity of the countries included in the region, from the Middle East to East Asia. While English language education continues to grow in importance in this part of the world, and the journal is published online in English, the focus is on the practical aspects of language education of all types, and therefore is not limited to one language or another. The publication hopes to attract submissions from both regional and international authors, particularly those working in the development context, with a balance of countries in the region being represented.

The Language Education in Asia online publication includes three distinct sections:

  • Research highlighting ongoing research projects in the region. Papers may include traditional sections of introduction, literature review, methodology, results and discussion, and conclusions and implications. Framing of the research papers included in this publication should be based on and emphasise a practical focus in the discussion and conclusion sections. Maximum 5,000 words.
  • Teaching Practice focusing on classroom-based and action research which is more directly related to the realities of language teaching in the region. Papers include a well-researched literature review which addresses all concepts included in the paper, a methodology section detailing data collection and / or approach employed in the classroom, and discussion and conclusion sections which should include specific, practical recommendations applicable in diverse contexts. Maximum 3,500 words.
  • Commentary focusing on current issues in the region. Papers should be well researched and include current references that support the main points of the paper. Commentary papers focus on a balanced report and discussion on current and emerging issues in Asia rather than on argumentation. Maximum 2,000 words.


Each issue of Language Education in Asia includes selections in the research, teaching, and commentary sections. Each selection must undergo blind review and be accepted by the Editorial Board for inclusion. Publication of the biannual issues is online and targeted for September and December each year.

Language Education in Asia International Standard Serial Number: ISSN  1838-7365


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