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"I’ve learned many useful activities which are applicable in my classroom and I cannot wait to apply them."
Bui Huynh Thuy Phuong, Vietnam

"I got the chance to meet people from lots of countries and learn what they are doing in their own institutions. This has broadened my perspectives on teaching."
Elyem Mengi, Turkey

"The knowledge I gained from this conference can actually make my lesson plans more vivid and I absolutely think I may motivate my students a lot thanks to this. I loved everything here and the organisation was very good. This was my first time at CamTESOL and absolutely it is not going to be my last!"
Tran Trung Nguyen, Vietnam

"My experience at CamTESOL will help me develop my teaching skills and broaden my knowledge in teaching. This is definitely beneficial to my professional development. CamTESOL is really interesting because the situation is different from other ELT conferences I’ve attended. It’s unique!"
Henny Herawati, Indonesia

"My experience at CamTESOL is very positive and the highlights on research are very beneficial to me. CamTESOL inspired me to conduct research-based teachings and trainings. It has helped me think about learners’ needs and strategies to handle them. That, in turn, will empower my students in meeting their learning goals."
Chaw Kalayar, Myanmar

"This is the first time I have attended a conference of 1500 participants and it was well-organised. CamTESOL gave me the chance to learn about various aspects of teaching and learning English and comparing ELT in Indonesia and Cambodia. I will go home and tell everyone about ELT in Cambodia and the success stories of Cambodian learners."
Zainal Abidin  Naning, Indonesia

"In the ASEAN region, CamTESOL is the only very international conference that we have come to know."
Shwe Zin Mon Aung, Myanmar

"CamTESOL has the greatest seminars I have ever visited. As an English lecturer, I can get many advantages from attending this conference. After I go home, I will share my ideas and experiences of this conference in our group seminars and disseminate new materials I got from the conference. I do believe CamTESOL makes a great contribution."
Setyo Prasiyanto Cahyono, Indonesia

"CamTESOL is so fascinating, practical and essential with the worldwide researchers participating. Because from my perspective, it did help me as a newcomer to the realm of research, has changed my perspective on the world and assisted with my teaching experience a great deal. CamTESOL is an invaluable opportunity to expand the social network and cooperate with the distinguished researchers worldwide. It’s so fabulous that I can participate in CamTESOL because it helped me reach a higher level of research, shared experiences with distinguished researchers and evaluate myself. It’s a big motivation for me to pursue an MA and PhD afterwards."
Trung Hong Tinh, Vietnam

"I really highly appreciated the professional organisation of the conference. I feel supported in every possible way. Thank you very much!"
Le Quynh Hoa, Vietnam

"CamTESOL has inspired me with new ideas and techniques for teaching and for guiding students. It is like a breath of fresh air - meeting and speaking with colleagues from around the world and brainstorming and sharing new ideas about how to make ELT better around the globe! It's been great! VERY well organised and wonderful presentations. I can't wait until next year!
Kathy Hong Dan Nguyen - Vietnam

"CamTESOL gave the chance to get acquainted with other researchers from different cultures but with similar interests, to get more zest to do research studies, especially in a collaborative manner with other researchers around the globe. The accountability of all those who were involved in holding the conference was incredible!
Nasrin Sayfouri - Iran

"CamTESOL was inspiring and motivating"
Dewi Novita - Indonesia

"This is the third time I've got the opportunity to attend this conference. The experience that I acquired helped me with issues that are core ones in teaching EFL learning in my country. A wonderful experience."
Rostami Abousaidi Ali Ashgar - Iran

"CamTESOL is a great experience which will make me a great teacher in the future."
Willibrodus Sudi Widana - Indonesia

“Attending the conference and making a presentation were a great experience for me. All of you gave us a great hospitality and we had a wonderful time. And many Cambodian teachers were enthusiastic in teaching English and the city Phnom Penh itself was filled with a lot of vigour.  I was given a lot of energy.”
Masako Yamada – Japan

“I am amazed by the professionalism in the organisation of such a large scale conference. The conference was a great success as every single detail was considered in terms of content, organisation and timing, help was provided as required, harmony between the participants was established and a highly professional atmosphere was created.”
Meral Güçeri, Turkey


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