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Welcome to the 2020 CamTESOL Conference!

The CamTESOL Conference has been held annually in Cambodia since 2005 to provide a platform for the sharing of best practices, latest updates and prospects in the ELT industry.

The 16th CamTESOL Conference will be held on 7-9 February 2020 in Phnom Penh with the theme, “21st Century ELT: Approaches for Effective Practices”.

CamTESOL is now one of the largest TESOL conferences in Asia. It is attended by about 1,700 delegates from more than 30 countries every year, with over 400 presentation sessions delivered by leading international ELT experts, local and international researchers and teachers of English. CamTESOL continues to strive hard to make this professional development opportunity accessible to Cambodian teachers of English from the provinces, as well as colleagues from Southeast Asia, through sponsorship funding made available by generous individuals and institutions.

Prior to the Main Conference, CamTESOL also hosts a number of pre-conference activities in conjunction with its partner institutions. These include the CamTESOL-UECA ELT Regional Research Symposium, the CamTESOL-NEAS ELT Leadership Forum, and educational and cultural tours. These activities are either optional or targeted to those coming to the Main Conference.

Call for Papers is now open. 


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Key Dates for the 2020 CamTESOL

Call for Papers

Main Conference

Regional ELT Research Symposium

Leadership Forum