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ASEAN Access Program Sponsorship


Sponsoring delegates from developing ASEAN nations to attend the Conference (Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia and Philippines)

The ASEAN Access Program provides partial grants to encourage conference presenters from the region to attend the conference for professional development in ELT. The recipients of the grants are selected based on several criteria e.g. teachers in outlying areas and teachers not working in international organizations.

Cost of Sponsorship

Sponsorship does NOT cover all costs for a delegate but a co-contribution to that of the individual. Cost of sponsoring an individual national from the following countries:

o CambodiaUS$ 80
o Vietnam/Thailand
US$ 350
o LaosUS$ 450

o Myanmar/Philippines/Indonesia/Malaysia

US$ 550


Sponsors might opt to select/combine nationals from the above for one of the below levels of sponsorship:

o Gold SponsorshipUS$ 5,000+ in cumulative total
o Silver SponsorshipUS$ 3,000+ in cumulative total
o Bronze SponsorshipUS$ 2,000+ in cumulative total


Sponsorship Components

ASEAN Access Program sponsorship includes:

Registration gratis to the 15th Annual CamTESOL Conference; 
Registration gratis to Regional Research Symposium; 
Registration gratis to Welcome Cocktail Reception; 
Partial airfare contribution; and 
Accommodation at designated 2-star hotel. 



As an ASEAN Access Program sponsor, you/your organisation/institution will be recognised as contributing to the professional development of English language teachers in the ASEAN region. Sponsors will be profiled across a multi-media platform including the CamTESOL website, social media, the conference handbook, the CamTESOL Mobile App and the conference-wide powerpoint presentation.

For further information and enquiries, please contact CamTESOL Secretariat at To sponsor now, please complete the sponsorship form and send it to us by 24 January 2019.