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IDP Education (Cambodia) established the annual CamTESOL Conference Series in 2005. CamTESOL is a conference for professionals in the field of English language teaching and related issues. The first CamTESOL Conference was held in 2005, with the theme, “Practical Issues in Teaching”. This focus on the practice of ELT has continued. CamTESOL has now become the premier professional development conference in the Asia-Pacific region, with an average audience of 1,700 attending annually (over 600 of whom are international participants from more than 30 countries). The Conference offers plenary talks by leading international ELT experts, local and international researchers and teachers of English.

The CamTESOL Conference Series has several components and related activities. The Main Conference brings together classroom teachers and teacher trainers, researchers in the fields of ELT and linguistics, administrators of English language schools, and ELT-related individuals and institutions, and offers practice-oriented sessions, plenary talks, a panel discussion, and over 350 featured and parallel sessions.

In addition to the Main Conference itself, CamTESOL includes a number of pre-conference events. These include the Regional ELT Research Symposium, International ELT Leadership Forum, and educational and cultural tours. With a focus on regional language research, the Research Symposium includes plenaries by leading international language researchers, a colloquium on peer mentoring for regional researchers, presentations on collaborative research in Southeast Asia and workshops to provide professional development for aspiring researchers. The Leadership Forum brings together local, regional and international leaders, managers of language schools and others with an interest in leadership-related issues, and provides a specific local and regional platform to facilitate conversations and dialogue on best ELT practices and leadership. The educational and cultural tours provide an opportunity for international visitors to gain insights into Cambodia’s educational context, culture and history, as well as the city life of Phnom Penh.

CamTESOL also gives rise to a peer-reviewed online publication entitled Language Education in Asia (LEiA) Journal. This is a peer-reviewed journal with an Editorial Board of approximately 75 international editors from 20 countries. CamTESOL presenters are encouraged to submit their papers for consideration in this publication.

CamTESOL brings together the following groups:

  • Classroom teachers of English and teacher trainers
  • Researchers in the fields of ELT and linguistics
  • Administrators of English language schools and universities
  • Educators with an interest in international language education
  • ELT-related individuals and institutions and Ministry of Education representatives
  • Foreign experts or researchers who wish to network within the ELT communities in Southeast Asia


CamTESOL aims to:

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and dissemination of information on best practices within English language teaching
  • Strengthen and broaden the network of English language teachers and all those involved in the  ELT sector in Cambodia and the region
  • Increase the links between the ELT communities in Southeast Asia and the international ELT community
  • Showcase research in the fields of language and language education




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