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The 14th Annual CamTESOL Conference is organised by representatives from a wide variety of institutions. We wish to thank all those on the committees as listed below (alphabetically by employer).

Steering Committee
Main Conference Program Committee
Research Symposium Program Committee
Organising Committee

Steering Committee: Providing general direction for the organisation of the conference

Steering Committee

1Keo LundiAmerican Intercon InstituteSenior Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost and Communications
2Sou Visal
Australian Centre for EducationCampus Manager
3Ly ChhengBELTEI GroupDirector General
4Ly NavuthBELTEI International UniversityVice-President
5Om SoryongInstitute of Foreign LanguagesDeputy Head of English Department
6Om RomnyInstitute of Technology of CambodiaDirector
7Sieng SovannaNational Institute of EducationDirector
8Chea SokheangNew York International SchoolPresident
9Leang SenghakTeacher Training Department, MoEYSDirector


Main Conference Program Committee: Selecting abstracts and developing and running the conference program for the Main Conference

Main Conference Program Committee

1Sok ThidaAustralian Centre for EducationTTP Campus Manager
2Sou Visal Australian Centre for Education SM Campus Manager


Seng VannaBridgeton English SchoolSchool Principal
4Dek SovanntheaEnglish Language Support Unit, RUPPLecturer
5Chea KagnarithEDEMYManager
6Marion BagotFreelanceELT Consultant
7Ros VuthaInstitute of Foreign Languages, RUPPBachelor Program Coordinator
8Monh SarinaInstitute of Foreign Languages Lecturer
9Phon SokwinMean Chey UniversityVice Dean
10Wayne E. WrightPurdue University Assistant Professor
11Sok SothRoyal University of Phnom  PenhDean, Faculty of Education
12Richmond StroupeSokha UniversityProfessor & TESOL Program Chair
13Tanju DeveciThe Petroleum InstituteAssistant Professor
14Kim ChilmonikUS State DepartmentEnglish Language Fellow
15Tep SothearithUniversity of Puthisastra Vice Dean, Faculty of Arts and Languages
16Tep MongkulWestern UniversityBoard Member and Senior Lecturer


Regional Research Symposium Program Committee: Selecting abstracts and developing and running the conference program for the Regional Research Symposium

Regional Research Symposium Program Committee

1Sok ThidaAustralian Centre for EducationTTP Campus Manager
2Sou VisalAustralian Centre for EducationSM Campus Manager
3Paul MahonyIDP CambodiaELT Advisor
4Jenny OsborneIELTS AustraliaResearch Coordinator
5Marion BagotFreelanceELT Consultant
6Kelly KimuraLanguage Education in AsiaEditor in Chief
7Patrick PheasantNational ELT Accreditation SchemeChief Executive Officer
8Wayne E. WrightPurdue University Associate Professor
9Keuk Chan NarithRoyal University of Phnom PenhLecturer
10Richmond StroupeSoka UniversityProfessor & TESOL Program Chair
11Boun SovichethState University of New YorkAssistant Professor
12John MacalisterVictoria University of WellingtonProfessor
13Handoyo Puji WidodoUniversity of Adelaide, AustraliaResearcher


Organising Committee: Meeting regularly and carrying out tasks to bring the conference to fruition

Organising Committee

1Lay MikeAmerican Intercon InstituteChancellor
2Carol WaddellAsian Hope International SchoolPrincipal
3Chan TytaBELTEI International UniversityESL Office Manager
4Seng VannaBridgeton English SchoolSchool Principal
5Khy KimsroyHuman Resource UniversityLecturer
6Leang SokhomIDP Education CambodiaAcademic Coordinator
7Choum TivalInstitute of Technology of CambodiaHead of English Section
8Chhin KonaMekong University of CambodiaAcademic Officer
9Mao SaroeunNational Institute of EducationDeputy Head
10Chap VikrantNew York International SchoolEnglish Education Deputy Manager
11Kong VeasnaNTC GroupChief Academic Officer
12Nhem ChantharySingapore International SchoolHead Teacher
13Soeung SophaThe Westline SchoolAcademic Manager
14Lun PhearinThe Westline SchoolSchool Principal
15Pay Chheng HowUniversity of CambodiaAssociate Dean & Director